Kerry Snyder

Rethinker • Coder • Writer

Lately Built

A snappy blog about the yin to business' yang and the easy way forward. Built with NextJS atop a Sanity GraphQL CMS.
A friendly, graphic, interactive paean to the I Ching. Built with Vue 3 and PostCSS.
A zettelkasten-flavored digital garden full of half-baked ideas and half-polished poems.
Musings about the spirit we share. Built with Hugo and Forestry CMS.
A relativity clock that embraces and releases the passage of time. Built from scratch.

Work Story

Since 2016 I have been consulting as a devsigner (that is, a designer who develops and vice versa). Here you’ll find a folio of my past and present work, built with Github Pages and vanilla 🍦 JS. Also LinkedIn can provide you with a business-like version of this story.

In the midst of the present span of consulting, I helped to start Arrivo, a Los Angeles-based hyperloop engineering firm. We assembled an all-star squad of rocket scientists, fusion engineers, infrastructure wonks, financial magicians, and the like. As the Majordomo, I wore many hats, at times running Operations, Facilities, and IT, all the while composing an interactive 10,000-year timeline of transportation technology. Hyperloops can be somewhat circuitous to build.

Before this I led experience design for three years for SolarCity, now Tesla Solar and then the largest residential solar energy provider in the US. At SolarCity I found myself building a team who was building the world’s first DIY home solar energy system design and power bill estimator flow for homeowners and sofa surfers. We called it Dynamo; it was super rad.

Prior to SolarCity, I devsigned and product managed in the skunkworks at Disney Interactive for a couple of years. Two of our prototypes have since become Disney+ and Magic Bands. There I also designed an AR collectible game that presaged Niantic’s Pokemon Go! by three years.

I landed there because Disney acquired my second startup, Togetherville. At Togetherville we brought the safe, social web to kids and their families, allowing kids to be themselves with their real friends online in 2011. This was before many folks had found Facebook. Eight years later, Facebook produced Messenger for Kids which is basically Togetherville.

Throughout these adventures I have often acted as the source and manifester of bleeding edge ideas, and as the glue or the water spider, a generalist connecting specialists to maintain balance and harmony as momentum builds and the effort grows.


In a past life (okay, this one) I became an intellectual property attorney in Portland, Oregon specializing in digital copyright, collaboration, and information technology innovation. This fed into my first startup, Third Prime, an industrial design agency for play and wellness. And prior to that I matriculated as a bachelor in Maths and in Economics at the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign (UIUC).

Life Story

Born in Rockford, Illinois, at age three a Big Sur waterbeds commercial between Sesame Street episodes hypnotized me into following my manifest destiny to California, where I now reside in the Bay and further down the coast.

Each day I focus on bringing ease, harmony, play, gratitude, and joy to realms of mass suffering through patient space and the insight that arises.